Jerry's Story - One Man's journey to Christ

Jerry's story of meeting Jesus is told in 3 videos.  They are each only a few minutes.

Part 1  - At Satan's Door

Part 2 - At Heaven's Gate

Part 3 - Reflections

 Packing the Holy Spirit on Vacation

 "If we live in the Spirit, let us also follow the Spirit" (Galatians 5:25)

 I recently took a weekend hiking vacation to Hocking Hills, Ohio with Amy Roberts and asked our Evangelization Committee to pray for many "Holy Spirit" inspired moments during our trip. 

 I always make it a habit to "pack" the Holy Spirit with me during my trips and am amazed at how much better He is at planning my trips than I could ever be!  

 To begin, we had beautiful weather throughout the trip and were blessed with a close, shaded parking spot at every hike we went on (definitely God-incidents!)  

 Since there isn't much to do in the early evening, we decided to take a drive to a local town to check out their annual Festival of Parades.  On the way back to the hotel,  we saw a sign for Lake Hope (yes - Lake Hope!) and remembered a Ranger Program taking place there so decided to check it out.  We were both getting hungry and not looking forward to eating in the fast food places by our hotel.  I made a bold statement and asked the Holy Spirit to find us a place where we could eat outside, overlook the water and see the sunset.  We laughed and then let it go because we knew there wouldn't be any such place in this wilderness.

 Little did we know the power of the Holy Spirit!  When we came upon the infamous Lake Hope we saw a sign for Lake Hope Lodge Dining.  Still expecting a campground dive, we decided to check it out.  It was the most beautiful lodge built on top of a hill with a patio overlooking Lake Hope and the sun setting in the background! Our mouths literally dropped as we thanked the Holy Spirit for this huge blessing of not having to travel back to town to eat fast food.  As if that wasn't enough, we got a front row table on the patio and the best pizza / BBQ dinner you could ask for!

 But the Holy Spirit wasn't finished with us yet.  The most significant event occurred on the way home when we stopped at the Hocking Hills Visitors Center to pick up brochures/maps for the next trip.  We were in a hurry because we wanted to get to the Columbus Zoo and were running late.  While picking out maps, a man in a wheelchair approached me and asked me if I needed any help.  I immediately wanted to put him off because we were in a hurry so I told him I was fine. He started to talk with me and I felt myself getting somewhat aggravated but being told "listen to this man - he has a story to tell that you must share".  So I decided to follow the Spirit and listen ...

 Jerry began to tell me his story of how he had a brain aneurysm, lost most of the left side of his brain, was in a coma for 5 months, paralyzed on his left side and was given 2 weeks to live.  That was 24 years ago and he is still amazing doctors with his ability to stay positive and walk occasionally with a cane.  I told him his story was remarkable and asked him if he had any "spiritual experience" during his journey.  His eyes immediately filled with tears and he asked me "how did you know?"  I told him that usually when you go through this type of journey you either come out bitter or the grace of God touches you through some sort of spiritual encounter. 

 Jerry was an atheist before his life changing health challenges.  While in  a coma, he encountered Satan and had to turn away from him and then encountered Jesus telling him he had to wake up but he would not have an easy road to recovery ahead of him. Jerry chose Jesus and it completely changed his life!   He believes he is God's messenger and volunteers at the Visitor's Center with his wife to share his story of conversion with anyone who will listen.  A Chicago visitor heard Jerry's story and decided to tape his message on YouTube.  Jerry is a true testimony to  Evangelization and an inspiration for us all!  You can find Jerry's story by going to website and clicking on the "Evangelization" link.   

 I thank God that I took the time to listen to Jerry's story and I hope you will do the same.  I urge each of you to think about "packing" the Holy Spirit with you on your next adventure and watch for the many blessings He will bring your way!  

 Corrine ([email protected]) --- for the Evangelization Committee